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Battletech (based on a license from FASA and set in the Battlemech universe and with lead designer Richard Bakewell) was in relatively good shape when I started as Head of Game Design at Microprose UK, so I really had very little to do with it - apart from working on creating the cutscene scripts, and overseeing it until its untimely cancellation.


Battletech had its own engine, a basic terrain editor, and the beginnings of control mechanics. It was also very extensively documented with a detailed GDD and specification, along with lots of artwork and models - and was fully thought through (the Battletech license was owned by FASA).

The game was based around controlling a small squad of mechs (basically big power suits) with just a single operator  across a height-based map with deformable terrain.


Tactics and squad formation and use were to play a large part in the gameplay.

Unfortunately the game was canned a short time later for reasons that were out of our control and which involved FASA suddenly reversing their decision to continue.


I still have some artwork from the game - but can't get the demo to run any more, it required other installed files which I no longer have.


The slideshow below has some in progress artwork for the game screens and a few screenshots of the prototype engine that was developed for it.