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Last Ninja 2

I did the graphics for the PC, Atari ST and Amiga versions of this game.

There was already a commodore 64 version – but I could only get hold of screenshots of this so everything had to be done from scratch and upscaled to the Atari and Amiga resolution.

I did the Atari ST graphics in its 16 colour mode. Both the Atari and the Amiga versions used the same set of graphics. Although the Amiga could handle a 32 colour mode the extra colour depth took up more memory and so the 16 colour mode was used for both. This was common at the time and nobody wanted to pay for two versions of the same graphics.


In Last Ninja 2 each screen was an isometric view constructed from dozens (sometimes many dozens) of small individual graphics that could be placed anywhere on screen. Many of these were isometric tiles that could be fit together (such as walls and floors), while others (such as trees) were stand alone graphics that could be placed anywhere.


The level design tool allowed for sprite sheets to be added, which could then be placed anywhere you liked on screen and built up, rotated and flipped (even layered) to give the effect wanted.

As I remember there were few limits on how many pieces were used for each screen other than an intent that no screen should take more than a few seconds to draw.


These games can still be found and played online with Atari emulators.