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Pandora was a 2d puzzle adventure game written by Shahid Ahmed and David Eastman in 1988, I did the graphics.


The game was for the Atari ST and Amiga and the graphics were created at a screen resolution of 320x200 pixels(not exactly high resolution).


Creating sprite graphics like these back then was more akin to tapestry than art. When creating graphics you were forever imagining what they'd look like on a  Cathode-based TV screen where they'd be blurred slightly (very few people had monitors (and this was decades before LCD TVs).


The level graphics were 16 x 16 2D tiles and they (and the character graphics) were created using Degas Elite in the form of sprite sheets.


It was essential to create a single 16 colour palette for the entire game. Although the Amiga could have a 32 colour mode at the same resolution, that would have taken more memory and time - both issues which meant few games made use of the difference and tended to use the same graphics for both.




I met Shaid again about a year ago and he wondered if I still had the original graphics – so I started trying to find them going through all my old hard drives and floppy disks from that period. The disks weren’t hard to find, but were corrupted or unreadable no matter what route I took.

I had to resort to looking online - these are some of the screenshots from the game that I could find online.


There’s still a possibility that I’ll come across an old FLC file somewhere that has the original images and sprite sheets – but I doubt it now and think a lot of my original game graphics are now completely lost.