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Terry Greer

Freelance and contract game design services

Freelance services: After three decades in the game industry I’ve worked on a great many games. Over that time I’ve also encountered and solved hundreds of problems across virtually all platforms, genres of game development and across most game development disciplines in both art and design. (You can check out the other pages on my site for details of what I’ve worked on or done over the years in art, game design and writing). I'm now available to offer my services and skills to help plug gaps in your current skillset, or provide a fresh perspective on your game/interactive project. No matter if the job is measured in hours or months, the services I can provide are: Game and level reviews An impartial external breakdown and critique of your game is essential. I can:  Review, analyze and report on all aspects of a game from initial right from the initial concept to the complete and working game design, user interface and experience, storyline, dialogue, level design and moment to moment gameplay.  Work with you to refine game and level pacing. Creative Writing Your game world is important. I can help in:  Creating a backstory or your game world's history  Developing characters and ingame dialogue (including briefings, voice overs and scriptwriting for non-interactive sections or cutscenes)  Outlining a complete story arc or plot for the entire game, or for individual sections (such as missions)  Writing the game's story, novelization or informational descriptive text for within the game or manual. Concept creation For when you need sensible, practical and innovative solutions. Working with you and your team I can help you to:  Formulate your initial game design  Prepare your concept for presentation to publishers or other funding bodies.  Create everything from initial high-concept statements, through pitch documentation and presentation to complete detailed design bibles and audio/video recording scripts.  Write detailed technical design documentation that incorporates pseudocode and use-case examples and diagrams. Practical ‘hands-on’ game or level design I love getting my hands dirty with level design and I’m familiar with most major engines (e.g. UDK, Cryengine and Unity). I’m a quick learner if you’re using something more esoteric or your own in-house proprietary engine. So, if you just need an extra pair of hands for a while to plug a gap in your team structure, or you don’t want to go through the time and expense of recruiting a short-term game or level designer role, then I’m available to:  Help out with game content creation.  Balance game statistics and properties.  Build, light, refine or balance game levels.  Create and balance game level encounters, missions or other level design duties. Contract Work I’m happy to consider any combination of remote (via email and Skype) or local working for any length of time. My rates vary depending on the contract period and on any travel/attendance requirements. Game development/design lectures and workshops I've recently begun teaching a range game design/development topics and helping out on courses at a couple of UK universities. I love this work and I'm always keen to talk to students of all ages about all aspects of game development from game design through art production to game development management. Contact me for more details. If you are interested in discussing your needs then get in contact via the email address on the left.