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Unreal PSX After I left Microprose I helped out Nick Pelling with a conversion he was doing of Unreal to the original Playstation. Nick is an excellent programmer and designer and ran the entire project using freelancers scattered across the world along with doing almost all the coding himself. Unreal PSX was intended to be a wholly different game, based on a similar start to the original, but featuring different characters. This meant all new levels, new storyline and some new character meshes. Nick was in charge and handled the overall project, game story, programming and outsourcing. My role was to try and pull all the different levels together and maintain some sort of continuity and had the fun of designing and creating a few levels myself. It was fun but sadly the conversion was canceled – I’m not sure of the real or final reason, but the frame rate on the PS2 was up to around 15-17 fps and there was still plenty of optimisations to be carried out. It was a shame as it was shaping up to be a nice little game, with every level different to the original unreal. In addition to myself the following freelance designers worked on it.  Nathan Silvers  Eric Reuter  Jeff Rubin  Mathew Kagle  Elya Isaikin  Jason Watkins  Jakub Kisiel  John Anderson The first four designers in particular doing most of the work. I don't currently have any screenshots of my levels, one day I'll try and capture some, in the meantime these are a few that I found or grabbed from the web (including some high res ones grabbed by Leo_TCK (see below).


Recently as a labour of love Leo_TCK has been resurrecting as much of the game as possible. You can get the first part of it here (though you'll also need a copy of the original unreal tournament as well - the current version on steam works well):


I think it’s incredible that there are individuals out there s dedicated that they’ll spend their own time on ensuring that these forgotten programs still survive in some form.

You can find out more about it the resurrection of the PSX version and even download the first few levels and see what they were like.


The gameplay is still a bit rough and unpolished, more so in some areas, but this work in progress and not yet intended for release. These problems would have been easily sorted if the project had gone to completion.



Below is a taster from YouTube.